12 Keys to Lasting Wealth

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Feeling trapped? Deep in debt? Tired of living on the treadmill of life? Working hard but going nowhere fast?

Your creator never meant for you to live a life of anxiety and misery, but a life of abundance. Living in this great country of ours, we have all the means we need to build a prosperous financial life, – a life that allows us to provide for our families while giving back to our communities, places of worship, and causes we hold dear.

In our 12 Keys to Lasting Wealth, we’ll share solid strategies that will take you down the road to financial freedom. Each month we’ll explore a new key to achieving financial peace.

Key 1: Avoid Lifestyle Inflation – Spend Less Than You Earn

Article 1: How A Cab Ride Dramatically Changed My View of Financial Freedom

Article 2: “Most Black Doctors Are Broke” – And Why You Should Care

Article 3: Why Everything We’ve Been Told About Financial Success is Wrong

Article 4: How a Washerwoman With a Sixth Grade Education Accumulated More Wealth Than a Famous NBA Star

Article 5: Do You Know Where Your Money Is Going?

Article 6: Board the Fast Train to Financial Freedom – Conquer Lifestyle Inflation Once and For All

Key 2: Know Where You’re Going

Article 1: The Missing Ingredient to Financial Success

Article 2: S.M.A.R.T. Goals Power You To Success

Article 3: Got S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Now Get Going. Create the Life You Want

Article 4: Three Turbocharged Tactics That Virtually Guarantee You’ll Fulfill Your Goals

Key 3: Don’t Let Small Holes Sink Your Financial Ship

Article 1: Put More Cash In Your Pocket by Plugging Your Money Leaks

Article 2: How Mindless Spending Sinks Our Financial Ships

Article 3: Refuse to be a Victim of Fee Nation

Key 4: Make Simple Changes to Reach Financial Freedom

Article 1: Big Financial Rewards Arise From Small Lifestyle Changes

Article 2: How to Earn $650,646.36 Toward Your Retirement With a Few Simple Lifestyle Changes

Article 3: When it Comes to Financial Freedom – Cash is King

Article 4: Build Wealth by Taking Care of Yourself First

Key 5: Eliminate the Knowledge Gap – Never Be Taken Advantage of Again

Article 1: Eliminate the Knowledge Gap and Never Get Taken Advantage of Again

Key 6: Crush the Shackles of Debt


Key 7: The Joneses Are Broke – Don’t Chase False Wealth, Build True Wealth


Key 8: Understand How Your Brain Sabotages Your Financial Success


Key 9: Learn to Earn


Key 10: Sharpen Your Defenses Against Retailer Tricks and Scams


Key 11: Never Leave Money on the Table


Key 12: Fatten and Protect Your Golden Geese


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