Annihilate Your Inner Critic

by Alonzo on September 23, 2010

A monster resides in all of us. It silences our opinions, cages our dreams, and buries our ambitions. It’s time we destroy this beast once and for all.

“You’ll never be pretty enough”

“You’ll never be skinny enough”

“You’re not smart enough”

“You’re not good enough”

“You’ll crack under the pressure”

“That’s a really dumb idea. Go ahead, say it out loud. Everybody will laugh”

“Don’t expect more, you’ll only end up disappointed”

We’ve all heard these before. But the smackdowns don’t come from others. No, the insults originate from deep within. Out of the darkest recesses arises the voice of our inner critic – the biggest, baddest bully on the block.

The inner playa hater. The dream slayer. The fear creator. That little voice that hashes up every past failure as evidence you’ll never succeed.

She calls you out as a fraud, a poser, a faker and threatens to expose you to the world. She spews stone cold paralyzing fear with one hand, gut wrenching self-doubt with the other.

A thief of dreams, a denier of talents.

The criticism starts as a whisper but snowballs into a paralyzing wave of fear. If we listen too closely we become prisoners of our own doubts, slaves to a self-fulling prophesy of failure.

The inner critic blackmails you into a life of mediocrity. She binds your wings, never letting you soar to your true ability. She keeps you up at night tortured with thoughts of failure.

It’s too hard. You’ll fall flat on your face.

She makes wimps of the self-assured, groveling masses of the strong, and captives of the sure minded. She’ll question your sanity, “Nobody else has done it, and you think you can?”

I’ve faced this inner demon. We all have.

Coming from anyone else the criticisms may have been seen as a challenge, a call to arms. But coming from deep within, the criticism is devastatingly effective. Anyone else speaking the same things would have received our swift backhand. But against her, this inner bully, we seem powerless.

Yes the inner critic can affect all areas of our life – career, relationships, even finances. She tells us:

“You’ll always be in debt”

“You need money to make money”

“No use trying, you know the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

“Girl are you crazy? You were born with nothing, raised with nothing, and you’ll die with nothing”

“No you’ll never be financially free”

“Becoming financially independent isn’t for people like you”

“This is the way it’ll always be”

Like any bully, the more you ignore it or try to avoid it, the more vicious it becomes.

No more avoiding. No, now is the time to annihilate your inner bully. Drop kick that little devil once and for all.


Understand It’s Not Personal

You’re not alone. The inner antagonist plagues us all – even the most successful amongst us. Knowing this is liberating. Once you realize it’s not personal, the inner bully’s venom no longer has power.

Those that are successful at creating truly liberating and amazing lives are not devoid of the inner devil, they’re just better at dealing with it, at kicking the voice inside into submission.

Realize the World Could Be Counting on Your Talent

Just think, someone’s life could be made better by the ideas, actions, or thoughts that your inner foe is trying to suppress.

The concept your inner voice slams as silly could be the one that feeds a hundred people, clothes a thousand kids, or saves a million lives. The business you dream about creating could employee people desperate for work.

Yes, I’m sure the inner bully tried to prevent Steve Jobs from starting Apple, Oprah from creating the Oprah show, Michael Jordan from becoming a superstar, and a little Black boy with a strange sounding name from becoming President.

The world is counting on you to conquer your inner defamer. The world needs you to spread your wings. People are waiting to benefit from that muzzled idea, suppressed business plan, or life goal that’s being held captive by your inner critic.

Know It’s Your Divine Destiny to Conquer Your Inner Bully

The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7,

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control”

You were not created to be a failure. You were not created to be bound, tied down, imprisoned by your own fears. You were not destined to a life of financial bondage. Once you understand that it’s your divine nature to live boldly without fear, your inner critic becomes powerless to shackle you.

So go ahead, whether it’s in your career, your educational pursuits, your love life, or your personal finances – face your inner critic head-on. Say no more. Realize there is no place for fear in your life. Knock the snot out of you’re inner bully.

What’s your inner critic doing to hold you back? What are you doing to annihilate that demon?



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