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If You Think You Can’t Go To College, Think Again

by Staff on November 12, 2011

Over their lifetimes college grads will earn $900,000 more than those without a university degree. Yet, many students are under the impression they’ll never be able to attend college. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have stellar grades, they don’t think they’re smart enough or they come from poor households.

That’s why the College Board (the same people who brought you the SAT) has created You Can Go, an initiative to provide high school students with real live examples of students who made it to college despite the odds.

You can check out the videos and profiles of students like:

Imani who faced several obstacles including a learning disability. You’ll learn how she overcame her challenges and found the money to pay for college.

Ashlee who never thought she was smart enough to go to college. Despite her parents never having attended college and growing up in a home were there often wasn’t enough food in the refrigerator, Ashlee is now a college sophomore.

Cesar who was expelled from school his junior year in high school but turned things around and is now working on a finance degree.

Alex whose family earned very little money but was still able to fund his college dreams.

Kwame whose mother left him a note saying she was leaving and that he was on his own. Despite the setback Kwame is now a college sophomore studying political science.

Check out their stories and more while you learn strategies anyone can use to overcome obstacles to their college dreams.

Visit You Can Go.

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