The Parking Lot Boot – Don’t Let It Ruin Your Day

by Alonzo on July 31, 2010

Watch out for those parking lot warning signs. Someone’s watching you.

It happened so quickly. Out the corner of my eye I saw a young man sprint toward a silver truck parked nearby. He had appeared from nowhere.

In his right hand – a silver metal boot which he quickly attached to the left rear tire of the truck.

In less than 14 seconds flat he had booted the vehicle.

Fourteen seconds – just enough time to blink, twice.

What had the truck owner done to deserve a boot? How can you prevent the same thing from happening to you?

He’d parked in a lot owned by a thrift store. The thrift store clearly posted signs warning people that if they visited any other store their car would be booted. This practice is common at drug stores, supermarkets, and strip malls throughout the Chicago area.

Apparently, the truck owner thought he could take a few minutes after leaving the thrift store to get lunch at a nearby sub shop.

Yet, it only took 14 seconds for a boot to be placed on his car. How so fast and how did anyone realize the man had stopped at another store? I’d always wondered how anyone would know if you visited another store. Were hidden cameras placed somewhere? Did the store employees report the indiscretion?

As I watched the young man finish placing the boot I got the answer. He returned to a green SUV with tinted windows parked right next to the lot – his private spying spot from where he could identify guilty parties.

With lunch in hand the surprised truck owner had no choice but to take out his credit card, pay the $95 fee to the young man, and have the boot.

Lesson: If you ever park in a lot with signs warning that you may get booted, take it seriously. Someone may be watching you.



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