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Three Morgan State Alums Put An End to Your Gift Buying Dilemmas

by Alonzo on December 23, 2011

Have you ever received a gift you just didn’t want? Were you forced to fake a smile while receiving a waffle iron when you really wanted Gucci pumps? Perhaps you racked your brain trying to think of the perfect birthday gift for your mother-in-law or co-worker.

Three Morgan State alums may have found your solution. allows you to create a virtual online wishlist of the gifts you’d like receive for Christmas, your birthday, graduation, or any other occasion. Users share their wishlist with family and friends through email, facebook and social networks.

“We wanted a way for people to get exactly what they wanted,” says NoBadGift co-founder Michael Washington.

And giving people what they really want is the path to happiness. Studies by Stanford professor Francis J. Flynn and Harvard professor Francesca Gino, found that people derived more pleasure and were more appreciative of gifts they had actually requested. – The Cure for the Bad Gift from NoBadGift on Vimeo.

Washington, with a computer science background, originally started by creating a calendar and scheduling application, but with the help of fellow Morgan State alums Mckeever Conwell and Sam Henry the project evolved into NoBadGift, a top gift giving application.

“We’ve had our challenges,” says Washington. “Spending endless nights working until 4 or 5 AM can definitely put a strain on relationships with loved ones.”

But the power house trio has persisted in an arena we’re less than 1% of all technology start-ups are created by African-Americans. Each member of the team has had a successful career in tech industries, allowing them to combine crucial talents that have helped make NoBadGift a success.

“Finding out what our users want is our obsession. We’re constantly seeking feedback and incorporating it into NoBadGift,” says Washington.

With NoBadGift users don’t even have to pay for a full gift.The service allows for group gift buying. Say you’re looking for a retirement gift for a co-worker. Through NoBadGift colleagues can team up with others to purchase a more expensive gift rather than paying for the whole thing by themselves.

“We see NoBadGift as a great alternative to gift cards with their high costs, expiration dates, and inactivity fees,” adds Washington. It’s estimated that Americans are sitting on $30 billion in unused gift cards. NoBadGift wishlists eliminate the waste and added expense of gift cards. Buyers know exactly what to purchase.

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, NoBadGift still faces challenges, but these trailblazers are focused on providing a great service that makes gift giving easy and fun.

“If you tell me there’s only 1% chance of success at something, I’m going to find a way to get it done, even if I have to climb over or go around the largest of obstacles that stand in the way,” says Washington.

With that kind of drive, we can expect these three brothas to make NoBadGift a household name in no time.

Photo Credit: Thana Thaweeskulchai (flickr)



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