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Why You Shouldn’t Suspend Your Job Search Over The Holidays

by Alonzo on December 20, 2011

Taking the holidays off from your job hunt might be a huge mistake according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

In fact, the holidays might just offer the perfect job-hunting opportunity. According to experts, the competition slacks off as many job seekers take a break to enjoy Thanksgiving turkey, holiday presents and New Years celebrations. Yet, this is the exact time many companies are actively hiring.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, many company departments are eager to use their recruitment dollars before the year ends.

Large companies often have “use it or lose it” hiring budgets they need to spend by the end of their fiscal year, which for many firms coincides with the calendar year. “We’ve had facilities [such as hospitals] call us and say, ‘We have $100,000 to spend for recruitment and if we don’t use it this year, we don’t get it next year,'” explains Sean Milius, CEO of Management Recruiters of Colorado, a health-care focused affiliate of MRINetwork.

Other employers may be eager to hire workers in order to staff large projects that begin in early 2012. To have teams ready to go, hiring throughout the holiday season becomes a necessity.

And as always, holiday parties offer the perfect networking opportunity to meet contacts and potential employers. That conversation started over holiday eggnog may be just the thing that lands a new job in 2012.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here.

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