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What You Absolutely Must Do To Prevent A Cell Phone Financial Disaster

by Alonzo on March 15, 2012

If you found a cell phone could you resist the urge to peek around?

That’s the question a recent study by internet security firm Symantec sought to answer, and the results are frightening.

Cells phones were purposefully “lost” in several US and Canadian cities. Yet, these weren’t any ordinary cell phones. They contained tracking software that allowed researchers to following activity on the phones.

So what exactly happened when people came across one of Symantec’s “lost” phones?:

  • 43% percent of people clicked on the phone’s online banking app
  • 53% clicked on a file entitled “HR salaries”
  • 57% tried to open a file on the phone named “saved passwords”
  • 60% tried to check the phone’s personal email
  • 72% attempted to open a folder labeled “private photos”

It appears we can’t resist the temptation.

But just as discouraging, just 50% of people who happened upon a “lost” cell phone attempted to return it, even though owner information was readily accessible.

With the increasing popularity of smart phones our private lives could be at risk, including access to crucial financial information.

Perhaps the greatest take-home lesson is that now, more than ever, password protecting your cell phone could be one of the smartest moves you make.

To read more about Symantec’s ingenious study, visit

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Benita Tyler March 17, 2012 at 11:01 am

Alonzo, this is excellent information. All cellphone users should be more aware of what we need to do to reduce identity theft. It would be interesting to know how many people with smart phones haven’t taken this step. Joining with you to spread the word!

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