Wealth Wise: Give Every Dollar A Destination

Give every dollar a destination

by Alonzo on August 31, 2016

For many of us money is a rebellious teenager.

Despite our best efforts it proves difficult to control.

Our money comes and goes as it pleases.

And worst yet, we’re often too timid, scared or tired to put our money in its place.

Stop being a bystander. Take charge. Give your Washingtons, Jeffersons and Benjamins their marching orders.

Provide each and every one of your dollars with a destination, or as financial guru Dave Ramsey suggests, “give every dollar a name.”

At the beginning of the month sit down and tell your money exactly where it’s going.

Decide which dollars will be used to cover the essentials like rent, transportation, and food. Tell your money how much of it will pay down credit card debt and how much of it will march on over to fund your retirement account. Even decide which dollars will be used for fun and entertainment.

I call it having a plan for success.

Remember, control your money or your money will control you.



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