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$72 Million Lottery Winner Says She’ll Stay At Her Job. Would You?

by Alonzo on January 28, 2012

Marcia Adams stopped at her local Chevron Food Mart to buy her boyfriend a Hershey bar, but she came away with something even sweeter.

While in the store the Georgia couple purchased a Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $72 million just an hour before the drawing.

“It still hasn’t set in,” Adams said after learning of her new found fortune.

Instead of being one of those riches-to-rags lottery tragedy stories, Adams is intent on managing her new found money the right way.

“I’m hiring a financial planner,” Adams told reporters. Any investments she makes will have to be smart ones she asserted. In addition, she’s avoiding the extravagant spending that has gotten other lottery winners in trouble. The only significant purchases in her immediate future are a new house and wedding.

Adams took the cash option which will net her $52 million. But surprisingly, she’s said she will not quit her day job. The corporate accountant told reporters, “I love what I do. I have a purpose.”

Which begs the question, how many of us enjoy our jobs so much that we’d still work after becoming millionaires? Perhaps that’s when you know your job is your passion and not just a 9 to 5?

If you became an instant millionaire, would you still keep your job?



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