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Wealth Wise: Stop Stealing From Yourself

by Alonzo on January 9, 2012

“He Who Buys What He Does Not Need Steals From Himself”
– Author Unknown

Check any American home and you’ll likely find it overflowing with stuff.

Dresses that at one time looked too cute to pass up now languish on hangers. Our latest smart phone purchases quickly become outdated. Exercise equipment we swore we’d use collects dust while DVDs, video games, and our kids’ toys magically multiply on the living room floor.

But our preoccupation with stuff sabotages any real chance for financial freedom.

Instead of building savings accounts, college funds, retirement accounts, and investment portfolios we’ve sacrificed our dreams of security at the altar of consumerism.

In 2012, let’s stop trading our financial freedom for stuff, because when we buy what we don’t need we’re really just stealing from ourselves.



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